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November 13, 2020 Storage Ladders

Affordable and Attractive Ladder with Baskets

Ladder with baskets – Wicker baskets are cheap, lightweight, attractive and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, plus they make excellent storage. Use wicker containers adapted or designed to corner the papers in a home office or the toys in the playroom. Think outside the box for a handy place to store your things.

Ladder with baskets wicker form an “L” and sit on a step at the bottom or top of the stairs. Mix things in them that are on the floor wrong. Whenever you head up, grab the basket and distribute its contents to the appropriate places. Then basket on the top step and fill it with the items that belong to the ground floor. In the end, everything will end where it belongs and your house will be as finished as you are now after all that stair-walking.

Hang an antique ladder with baskets wicker on the wall in the hallway for mail. Split it in two with a balsa wood panel for incoming and outgoing mail. Or use a couple of baskets on a wall in the room to get winter hats, scarves and mittens. In warm weather, the baskets will hold sun hats, sunglasses and gardening gloves.

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