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October 21, 2020 Reclaimed Wood

Alternative Rustic Reclaimed Nightstand

Reclaimed nightstand – The bedside table or nightstand is a useful addition to any bedroom, providing the ideal location for things like phone, alarm clock, a glass of water, a book, etc. But it does not actually have to be a board long as it fulfills its function. Here are a few interesting alternatives you can choose.

A tree stump used as a bedside table adds warmth to the room, thanks to its natural characteristics and texture. A rustic stool repurposed as a reclaimed nightstand may have substantially the same effect. This is also a great way to recycle and reuse pieces of furniture you no longer need or to move them around the house for diversity. You can also use a double increase on the same principle. You can add some wooden planks to make shelves and placing a flexible lamp at the top.

Do not throw away your magazines and newspapers. Collect them in a pile, tie a belt around you and you will have a unique nightstand for your bedroom. With unique design, you can check and adjust the height where the bed “table” is located. You hang it from the ceiling and use a reclaimed nightstand wood to the base.

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