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November 29, 2020 Cabinets

Apothecary Cabinet Restoration Hardware

Apothecary cabinet reproduced as storage of items that can be used at home. Storage items can be very expensive. This piece of furniture usually has many drawers. It is composed of a large chest of drawers, which have a lot of square crates are arranged in a rectangular or square. Closet varies in size. Some can be very small, while others may be rather large. Being small can be used to keep small trinkets, while the goods larger may be used to store clothing.

Apothecary cabinet is also items used by professionals of Chinese medicine which is typical, which is used to store herbal medicine. Dada usually has a lot of small, deep drawers and each drawer has a segment. In front of each drawer, the names of the substances contained in it were written. This is to make the identification and subsequent retrieval easier and faster.

It is still very possible these days to find people use the same apothecary cabinet in the same way to keep medicines and herbs. There is a possibility that you will stumble antique pharmacy online in the chest, which is used by “pharmacist” in 1800 if you do a Google search. Thanks for your attention.

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