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March 23, 2020 Furniture

Awesome Bookshelf Ideas DIY

Bookshelf ideas DIY – You can dress up a long corridor and create space for books simultaneously with the addition of a long bookcase or a few less. While bookcases can add character and purpose to a hall, some passages are too narrow to accommodate shelves and still allow easy movement from one room to the next. Before you add bookcases to your hallway measure the space and carefully consider their location.

Creating the sense of built-in bookshelf ideas DIY in your halls without building bookcases from scratch. Select pre shelves to fit in the space, selects the reaching to or near the roof. Measure your hall and buy bookcases number required to cover the length. To ensure that your bookshelves stay close to the wall, secure them by driving screws through the back top corners and into the wall.

For bookshelf ideas DIY shabby chic look, mix and match bookshelves in different heights. Collect bookshelves that can is unused, or buy vintage bookcases from a rummage sale or thrift store. Place them on a wall in your long hall, mix and match them as shorter bookcases rest against taller ones, creating an eclectic wall space. Fill the shelves not only with books but also decorative additions.

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