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September 14, 2020 Outdoor

Backyard Fire Pit DIY

Backyard Fire Pit DIY – A backyard fire pit allows your family to enjoy a roaring fire without leaving the peace and quiet of your own property. You can create a simple and inexpensive furnace of common materials such as brick or concrete. Check the regulations in your area to make sure you have all the necessary permits before building your backyard fire pit.

For backyard fire pit DIY choose a place that is far away from home and a few trees or buildings in the area. Make sure you check with the local building department or utility company to find out if there is an underground pipe or cable in the area where you plan to dig a fireplace. To mark the location of your fire pit back yard you can push the stock into the ground. Measure and cut a 2-foot long string. Connect one end of the string to the stake and the other end to a stick or long nails. Pull the string until it is taut and draw a circle on the ground with the end of the stick or nail. Reinforce this view with spray paint or chalk.

Dig a 1-foot deep hole in the boundary of the circle to backyard fire pit DIY. At the center of the circle, digging a small hole is between 8 and 10 inches in diameter and one foot deep. Cover the bottom of the fireplace with several inches of gravel. If you build your backyard fire pit on uneven ground spreading grit to give it a flat surface. Pour a few inches of sand on top of a layer of gravel to create a fire barrier that will catch some burning embers. Create a wall around the fireplace by stacking rocks, bricks or concrete blocks. Use no mortar or glue to connect the parts of the wall. The mortar can melt or release noxious gases when exposed to open flame.

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