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November 30, 2019 Outdoor

Backyard Patio Ideas DIY

Backyard Patio Ideas DIY – Consider designing your backyard patio to suit your lifestyle. If you enjoy entertaining, build an outdoor kitchen and seating for family and friends. If you are looking for environmentally friendly patio, decorate your space with the elements of nature that will last for many years as teak, copper and stone. You can also satisfy your romantic spirit with wrought iron furniture and pergola. Mix and match the idea of ​​the backyard patio is according to your personal taste.

Create a romantic backyard patio ideas DIY with wrought iron furniture, garden swing or glider and gently bubbling fountain. Covering a terrace with pergola and add colorful containers and hanging baskets filled with both flowering plants and greenery to create the illusion of a closed angle. Chandelier hanging from the center of the pergola for ceiling lighting with soft light you can also use electric lights. Table candles scattered around the patio and solar lighting around the park will provide much light as you enjoy your romantic vacation in your own backyard.

Decorate your backyard patio ideas DIY in a natural relaxed décor with elegant teak lounging and dining furniture. Add a wall of water on one side made of copper and acrylic sheet and including a copper fire pit next to the seat, if you have room. Covering floor terrace with natural stone to complement colors in teak furniture and dot area with dwarf fruit trees in containers copper. Add to solar lighting in solving copper in the park around the patio and focus the spotlight on solar water wall. You can also hang solar lantern of Shepherd hook next to the seating and dining area for extra light.

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