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October 23, 2019 Comforter Sets King

Beautiful King White Comforter Set

If you love king white comforter set and you want it to look as beautiful as the first day, these three proposals will enchant you. A new method of ultrasonic washing to avoid rubbing the most delicate clothes when washing it, a wide variety of ecological whiteners that make your sheets always look immaculate or a revolutionary high-tech ironing system for an impeccable result are three of the Latest news you can find in the market to get an enviable white bedding.

King white comforter set such as Egyptian cotton, yarn and satin require a delicate treatment. The technological innovations are good allies to face this task. This is the case of Dolfi, a small device that completes its release to the market and that uses ultrasounds to clean clothes without using washing machines or rubbing. The sheets are introduced in water with detergent and, when plugged in, microscopic bubbles form which end up generating high pressure jets.

The suction mechanism of the board means that the fabrics do not touch it, but rather raise them slightly so that they can be ironed only with steam. This is a system specially indicated to treat the delicate fabrics of our king white comforter set. For the most complicated wrinkles, the aspiration occurs in reverse and the fabric is perfectly fixed to the table for handling.

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