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September 28, 2020 Indoor

Beauty French Bedroom Decorating Ideas Diy

Bedroom decorating ideas diy – French decor combines beauty and elegance with artistic, antique charm to create a cohesive look. French bedroom exudes romance and invites you to relax and recharge with rich patterns of Etoile and flowers. Begin your search for French decor items at a local thrift store or flea market where you can find plenty of accessories such as bird cages, chandeliers and frames at a fraction of cost of store-bought items.

Toile is a traditional French pattern depicting a landscape of old French countryside and offers French country bedroom decorating ideas diy style, according to Pierre Deux. Available in a variety of colors and pattern size, Etoile is a popular wall coverings, and drapery and linen fabric. classic toile combinations are black and ivory, red and ivory, and blue and ivory. With increasing popularity, Etoile now available in vibrant yellow and green, pink and rose, turquoise and sky blue, and many other combinations sure to match your personality or existing color scheme.

Drop modern lines and deep wood tones when choosing furniture for your French bedroom decorating ideas diy. Instead, opt for a metal bed frame and ornate antique pieces with light, worn finish. Create your own antique -inspireret furniture by painting piece in color of your choice and then sanding edges and areas of normal wear and tear. Avoid oversized furniture in your French bedroom.

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