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November 15, 2019 Furniture

Bed Bench DIY – Top 5 Ideas for Turning Your Bed into Storage

Plan bed bench DIY can be used to create all kinds of storage underneath, at the head or foot of your bed. Here are some ideas to get you started on the bed next woodworking project do-it-yourself you. Ottoman is the kind of sleep that offers some of the techniques of storage space. This is higher than the usual bed and picked up where the mattress started to allow, what they call, “quilts box” in bed.

Although called a blanket box, can be used to store almost anything. Bed bench DIY this also has the additional attribute which really wise so nobody will know that it is used for storage space, making it one of the storage plan most popular bedding available. The bed storage Alto is another big bed with storage space. Similar to the plan sleeping captain, he has a cupboard under the bed that is used to store almost anything.

Closet accessible in the plan bed bench DIY is often used to store seasonal clothing shoes and unused. This bed storage plans are available in all bed sizes and can be used for children or adults. Storage Headboard took the head of the bed and expands to become more useful. Sometimes the head of the bed can be extended to the bedside to make a bedside table with drawers. Or many headrests can be built with bookshelves. This is a great plan for a small bedroom that did not have much room for a bedside table.

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