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February 4, 2020 Accessories

Best Braided Rugs DIY

Best Braided Rugs DIY – Carpets not only gives your guests a place to wipe your feet on in your home, or if you have a warm place to stand in a tiled room, but they can also add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral room. Purchased rugs can be quite costly, and, of course, you will be limited to what the store has to offer. Make your own braided rug for a more rustic look. Do carpet in all the colors you can find at the fabric store.

Braided rugs DIY, cut strips of fabric, that is 2/1 inches wide and as long as possible. Sew the ends of complementary colored strips together to make three very long strips so your braid will be long enough for the coil as you want. Since the trial and error is the only way to determine how longs a braid you need, start with three strips of fabric that is two or three yards long, because you can add more if needed. Align the ends of three strips and sew the ends lined up at the top. Use a safety pin to secure the sewn-together ends of a sofa or other large upholstered furniture when you are braiding.

Braided rugs DIY, braid the three strips together by crossing left of center. Then, cross right over the center. Repeat this pattern to continue the braid. Secure the end of the braid with a clothespin when you need to untangle the ends of the strips of cloth, as they will entangle you braid. Braid even to the ends of the strips and secure the braid with a clothespin. Take the braid from the piece of furniture and wind it on the floor to see how big your carpet will be. Add more strips to the ends of the three existing strips if you need to make the braid anymore. Use safety pins to hold the wound intertwining you coil when the braid is long enough for the size rug you want. Use an all-purpose needle and thread to sew the layers of the coil by whip stitching you around the coil.

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