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May 5, 2021 Bed

Best King Size Bed Frame with Storage

King size bed frame with storage – When you store things under your bed, you put this empty horizontal space to good use, freeing your closet at same time. Slide chests, baskets, boxes and drawers filled with clothes, shoes and other things under your bed. Use bed lifters or risers if necessary to give you more storage space under your bed. Under bed storage is an ideal solution for decluttering your bedroom and college lives.

Turn an old dresser drawer in an under bed storage drawer to store off-season clothes. Hold drawer’s handle outward to push it in and out easier. Add wheels to bottom of trays, if desired, so that they can roll. You can also stick a label on front of drawers to identify elements in them. Large bulky blankets and quilts in a box or two and push them under bed for storage. Use boxes to store your shoes. Suitcases make an ideal king size bed frame with storage solution for children’s toys — just fill them up, zip them closed and push suitcases under bed.

Use zippered king size bed frame with storage bags of vinyl or plastic to store bedding and linens and to rotate seasonal clothes under your bed. This keeps your wardrobe decluttered and free for in-season clothes. Also, store items such as extra toiletries, patterns and fabric, off-season shoes, wrapping paper and holiday supplies in storage bags.

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