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May 16, 2020 Furniture

Bookcase DIY with Light Ideas

Bookcase DIY – A bookcase can hold more than just books, and when equipped with specialty lighting, it becomes a place to organize valued art or decoration in addition to your favorite reads. Although you can quickly build on some of these lights directly in the bookcase or bookcases, other better installed when you first build a bookshelf in your home. Sleek, slim and hidden at the bottom of each shelf has a wooden lip, trim or wood uncover accompanying it, undermount cabinet lights offer some of the cheapest ways to light a bookcase.

Ceiling mounted track lighting allows you to aim light where you want it, whether on a single shelf or to serve as general lighting for the whole area. Make a decor statement with your track lights and built-in bookcase DIY with flexible or railway track lighting. You can choose from a variety of styles, including flower petal shaped lampshades, traditional spotlights or a series of drop-down hanging lamps.

If you have built a bookcase DIY wall permanently in your home under a soffit, install ceilings or recessed can lights at two foot intervals in the slab to create a balanced lighting effect. This requires opening up the joists to install can lights, which sits flush with the ceiling joists, and add the electrical wire to connect them to a switch. The best time to do this is when you build soffit and bookcase.

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