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Brands of Werner Ladder Accessories

Werner ladder accessories – Extension ladders providing access to attics, roofs and ceilings for maintenance and repair. They are built with a variety of materials including wood, aluminum and fiberglass. Louisville ladder was founded in 1946 and is one of the largest ladder manufacturers in North America. Its extension ladders come in both aluminum and fiberglass, in lengths up to 60 feet. All Louisville ladder products meet or exceed standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Werner ladder accessories was started in 1922 by Ricard D. Werner. It produces a variety of ladders in wood, aluminum and fiberglass to meet the needs of professionals and for private use. Company extension ladders ranging in length from 8 to 60 feet and valued at 200 – to 375-pound capacity. Ladders use D stage stage design and seven layers fiberglass.

Xtend & Climb offers telescoping extension werner ladder accessories. This is ideal for owners who need a very compact design for storage, transport and carry home. Ladders are constructed with aluminum parts that gradually gets smaller with each step. The sections collapse into each other when not in use. These ladders are available in lengths from 8 to 16 feet when extended and hide for as little as 2.5 feet for transportation.

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