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January 2, 2020 Walnut

Brazilian Walnut Flooring With Oak Cabinets

Brazilian walnut flooring continues to grow in popularity, and with that growth, comes the comparison of exotic species than domestic species. On the Janka Hardness Scale, measures Walnut Brazil almost at the top of the list – 3680. American Black Walnut is 1010. This indicates a higher durability, and also shows high resistance to insects and the elements of nature in comparison with American partners,

In fact, it is estimated that Brazilian walnut flooring it will take up to 40 years if not treated, and 100 years with proper care and treatment. Unlike American Black Walnut which has a very dark color, Brazilian Walnut ranging from olive to brown to black. Both species have a beautiful sign that looks like a watercolor brush strokes down forest with little natural color variation. American Walnut tends to have more spins, curls, and color variations however. Both have a fine grain appearance that ‘watercolor effect’ can be associated with.

Price-wise, Brazilian walnut flooring is somewhat comparable with each other, unlike other exotic; the price soared more than counterparts in their country. You can find American Walnut engineered to $ 5.19 to $ 5.41 for the 3 inch or 5-inch board, while you can find Brazilian Walnut for a thickness of 3 inches for $ 7.43 to $ 8.74 for a 5 ½ inches, with price differences largely attributed to the cost of importing the woods.

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