Build Bunk Bed Replacement Ladder Designs

Ideal Bunk Bed Replacement Ladder

March 20, 2020 Home Ladders

Build a Stylish Bunk Bed Ladder for Kids

Bunk bed ladder – The first thing you need to do is measure how high your ladder. When you have pieces of timber, saw them according to the measurements you have. Step two, cut a third piece of lumber in every 5 pieces of 1 5 feet. These will be the ladder rungs. Take the 2 larger pieces you cut earlier, and bolt the 5 steps to them, each 12 inches apart. The top piece should be even with the top posts of ladder

Step three, once you have pieces of the bunk bed ladder in place, check the bunk bed ladder is the correct height when you put it to the top of the bunk bed. If you have measured the length correctly, you will not have any problems now. If the ladder is too short, you should repeat the first step again

Step four; make sure to remove the rough edges from the upper parts when you use the ladder to the bunk bed of your kids. Use the saw to cut an arc on the upper part of the sides of the ladder. Step five, sand ladder properly so as to prepare it for staining and varnishing. Clean bunk bed ladder from abrasion and stain it with a safe product. Let ladder to dry. Last, when dry, nail the ladder to the upper bunks, and make sure that the bunk bed ladder is stable with that is touches the ground.

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