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November 15, 2019 Other

Build an Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

Garage storage ideas – Adding storage space in your garage? Look away from the conventional solution to add shelves along the wall, and consider an overhead storage device to your garage. An overhead garage storage unit is great for storing items that you do not need all the time in an out of the way and safe place. This overhead garage storage unit is made of simple materials, and is a major project for a weekend day.

Build an overhead garage storage ideas unit, cut four pieces of 2 by 4 lumbers to a length of 26 inches. Nail four pieces of 2 by 4 inch timber ceiling beams in the garage. Place them so they mark the corners of a square that is 48 “by 48”. The 2 by 4 boards should extend down 24 inches below the level of the joists.

Cut two pieces of 2-inch board by 4 to a length of 48 inches. Nail the two pieces of 2 by 4-inch board in the bottom of the vertical boards, so they act as transverse elements. The cross members will be parallel to one another, on the front and the back of the square. Cut the four pieces of board 1 with the timber 10 for a length of 48 inches. Push these boards onto the cross members and space them evenly There will be a bit of a gap between each. Nail them in place to complete the floor of your overhead garage storage ideas unit.

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