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April 9, 2020 Cabinet

Build a Corner Storage Cabinet

Corner storage cabinet – A corner can be difficult to decorate because of the limitations of space and measurements. Building a homemade corner storage cabinet may give you extra storage space while using the size and angles on your particular corner. A corner storage cabinet may not only be to house storage, such as sheets, towels or books, but can also be used as a corner entertainment device for your electronic devices and your TV. Finishing a corner storage cabinet is simple if you follow the basic preparation and construction stages.

Build a corner storage cabinet, Place the protractor it in the corner that you will use for storage cabinet. Make sure it’s an even 90 degree angle.  Place the plywood down to create the pieces necessary for a corner storage cabinet. Draw two wall pieces measures the height and wall width.  Create a 45-degree angle on one of the edges of both pieces. Each piece must have a straight edge and a 45-degree edge.

Connect the two side pieces so that you have a 90 degree angle or L-shape. Measure the inside of the L-shape in order to determine the measurements of the corner shelves to the cabinet. Cut off the shelves, sandpaper the edges and attach them to the L-form structure using the mechanical and screws so that the screws go through the side pieces into the shelves. Measure the circumference of the front of the storage cabinet corner. Write down the height and width of the cabinet.  Male corner storage cabinet you want. Allow the cabinet to dry before moving it into the corner and add your storage elements.

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