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August 25, 2020 Storage Ladders

Build Leaning Ladder Bookshelf Ideas

Leaning ladder bookshelf – You do not need a ladder to make a leaning ladder bookcase. In fact, you can make a ladder bookcase with 2-by-2 lumber and plywood. A ladder bookcase with a 10-degree lean fit most room. But if you want wider shelves, you can increase the degree of lean to 15 or 20 degrees go much wider than it takes up more space than a bookcase normally should.

Build a leaning ladder bookshelf, cut the 2-by-two hours in two lengths of 80 inches and two lengths of 82 inches – a total of four lengths. Mitre one end of 82-inch planks to 10 degrees, and the second mitred end to 80 degrees. Stand the two 80-inch 2-by-2s upright, 30 inches apart. Place the 82-inch pieces over the top, the 10-degree end fits snugly against the vertical pieces. This will make the 82-inch pieces to lean away from the wall, with the 80-degree ends is flush to the ground.

Drive four screws through each end of the 82-inch planks in the 80-inch planks, using 3-inch screws and drill. This is the leaning ladder bookshelf frame the bookcase. Measure up from the bottom of the frame 11 inches, and mark this point on both sides. Measure another 11 inches up and another, until you reach the top of the frame – it will be a total of seven points, which are the shelf positions.

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