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May 11, 2020 Designs

Build Rustic Wooden Ladder Towel

Rustic wooden ladder – If your ladder is unfolded, simply remove the back of the ladder. Next, sand the wood down with fine grit sandpaper. If you want natural wood exposed, rub in a gel wood or wood wax. If you want to place your ladder rack in the bathroom, you may want to add a spot or two to hang jewelry on before jumping into the shower.

Just cut a piece of window screen to fit the size of the opening between two steps. And then staple it to the back of your ladder.  Choose a large open vertical space and hang your ladder. Your rustic wooden ladder rack will not require much space and can even fit right next to a toilet or shower. Drill holes in each of the four ends of the wooden ladder. So you can attach “L” bricks at each end.

Screw “L” bricks using 1/4 “screws. You can update your living room, den, or bedroom with your rustic wooden ladder rack. And then drape it with quilts, fabric, blankets, scarves, or use it to hold jewelry. This easy project is a wonderful way to create a piece of beauty that can add character to any room.

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