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January 3, 2020 Designs

How to Build Your Target Ladder Bookshelf

A target ladder bookshelf with wheels for a library is a great addition to any home library. These attach to the top of a home library shelf and move along the shelves, making it easy to reach books or items that are on top. Stairs with wheels can be designed to match any library, adjusting both height and color.

These types of target ladder bookshelf add both functionality and elegance to your home library. Read more instructions build your target ladder bookshelf: 1) Purchase a set of wheeled ladders from your local supply store. These equipments come with wheels, poles and bras for the wheels so you can finish your library ladder. 2) Measure the shelves, from the floor to the top. This will be the post position. 3) Uses a standard wooden ladder that fits the measurements in Step 2. 4) Attach the post holders to the ends of the shelves. The ends should be flush with the end of the shelves when you place them in the brackets. Place the posts on the supports and place their ends at the ends of the poles. The ends of the brackets are what will stop the posts.

Drill holes in your target ladder bookshelf for the step bracket and screw the brackets into place under each step of your ladder. Support the ladder on the pole at the top before placing the guides for the wheels. Then install the top guides of the ladder and fix the support of the upper round pin.

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