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December 9, 2019 Home Ladders

Building an Attic Access Ladder

Building an attic access ladder using your attic as a space for storage is a great way to create extra space in the home. The construction of an access ladder to the attic allows you in an even easier and less complicated way to access that space.

Decide where you want to place your evaluated ladder. Choose the type of attic access ladder you need or want depending on where you decide to place the ladder. If there is ample space, you can install a ladder from top to bottom that unfolds, as explained in this article.

1) Go up to the attic and with a hammer, lightly tap a nail through the roof of the beam as a place to start cutting the opening in the wall. Measure the width of the attic access ladder frame part to tap another nail by the same beam on the ceiling. 2) Draw a line of chalk from nail to nail. Take the carpenter’s square and align it with a point of the nail, and then draw 20-1 / 2 inch. Repeat this on the other side. Complete the chalk of the rectangle by drawing a line from corner to corner of each to complete the guidelines for a precise cut. 3) Cut lightly by touching the blade on the roof on the side of the house, not the part of the attic. Follow the chalk lines as close as possible. 4) Pull the ladder all the way to the floor, and then join the adjustable feet.

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