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October 13, 2020 Bedspread Ideas

Butterfly Bedspread for Nursery

Butterfly bedspread – Choosing a bedspread theme for your new baby nursery can be fun and exciting. A theme that is different and interesting is a butterfly theme. It’s easy to create and can transition with your child as he grows into toddlerhood. However, the first things for a baby nursery that new parents usually look for are beds. Ironing includes bedspreads, sheets, blankets and bumpers.

Bumpers are plush bands that go around the crib to keep the baby from bouncing his head. Butterfly bedspread, fortunately, is a popular theme for little girls. You can find many butterfly bedspread sets online and in baby shops. If you prefer, you can choose single-colored sheets and bumpers and make your own bedspread of material you buy into a craft shop.

You will be able to find lots of butterfly-patterned fabrics and felt patterns butterfly bedspread there to help you. Want more butterfly touches? So, buy butterfly stickers and place them on chest of drawers or cribs or use a stencil and paint on butterflies. Finish with butterfly candle light or a mat to match the room. For another idea is, frame prints of butterflies and place them on the walls or on top of the chest of drawers.

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