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May 7, 2020 Cherry

Cedar Door in Very Stylish and Modern Look

Wooden cedar door are a versatile entry exterior that can add to the character of your home. There are many types of wood that you can choose from a fence as well as designs that focus on function, privacy or both. Wooden doors can be very stylish and modern look or they can be rustic and worn-looking.

While most door designs most often match the accompanying guide, as mentioned, you can look to supplement designs for other walls and enclosure landscapes. One thing to keep in mind is the privacy you want from your door. Lowering the front door to the fence is as good as an invitation to guests to enter since there is less privacy. Raise the height of the door to increase privacy. You can add different touches to a wooden cedar door by adding a lattice window at the top or allowing vines to grow over an arch framing the door.

The accessories you use will also add to the character and design of the door. Deep wood claddings with wrought iron hardware create a bold and strong appearance. You can add a high-gloss finish to cedar door with stainless steel components for a more contemporary design. If you are looking for a more rural environment, sand washing the door with simple or even antique accessories gives a farm feel to the door.

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