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February 17, 2021 Subway

Charming Bullnose Subway Tile

Bullnose subway tile have broken all the schemes in terms of interior design . For several seasons it has increased its demand by 300%, and this can only be due to one thing. Its great versatility to adapt to any space and decorative style. Its characteristic shape does not go unnoticed by anyone who has traveled in suburban in recent years. Its layout imitating the brick and its typical bevelling has made it an essential element for the coating of bathrooms and kitchens in recent seasons.

Because there are already several years that these small tiles have gone into interior design to stay. The bullnose subway tile is always rectangular and small format. The most characteristic ones have a beveled edge that enhances the brightness, although we can currently find some models in matte colors that are equally attractive.

The most widespread model is undoubtedly the target , since it withstands better than any the passage of time and trends. But for the most daring there are many alternatives in colors and finishes that can even be combined with each other. Trend bullnose subway tile colors such as black, green or pink dress the bathrooms of the most current projects.

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