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Chenille Old Fashioned Bedspreads

Old fashioned bedspreads – The latest decorating styles like the chic movement of the cottage and modern country appearance create a sharp rise in the popularity of old-fashioned chenille bedspreads. Like most home decorating trends, everything old will be new again. Learn where to find these bedspreads and how to work them into your decorating scheme.

Whether you want an actual vintage chenille bedspread or a modern take on this design classic, the internet is an excellent shopping resource. The following places offer a large selection of modern or antique chenille old fashioned bedspreads fabrics. They are Macys,, Sears, and and Seventh Avenue. Also Vermont Country Store, LL Bean, Miles Kimball, and Vintage Fancy. When you snap some money into a chenille old fashioned bedspread, have a good time shopping.

So, whether you go with a modern take on the old-fashioned chenille bedspread or buy an actual vintage spread, you’ll see a big difference in your bedroom. Chenille bedspreads can make a great style statement. Remember to consider the rest of the decor in your room. If you already have a lot of vintage items, you may want to go with very simple chenille old fashioned bedspreads. On the other hand, if your room is pretty ordinary, chenille old fashioned bedspreads with a detailed pattern could be just what you need.

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