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June 2, 2020 Hickory

Choosing Hickory Table Top

Hickory table top – You can always pick out a hickory table top of the deep, glossy surface that is as clear as glass. The mixture was poured on a prepared surface and allowed to dry. The hardest part is the waiting time between coats. You can customize your hickory table top by covering the surface with decorative items before pouring the finish.


Sand on the table top, either by hand. Working from coarse to fine grit, sanding with the grain to prevent scratching. Wipe the table down to remove dust, apply a coat of paint or color desired time. Measure each side of your table with the thickness. Cut sheets of wood veneer or similar lightweight materials to match the length of each side.

Apply a layer of glue or adhesive to the edge of the table top.  Rub the inside of the mold down with petroleum jelly, shortening, or any oily substance. Prepare all the items to embed in hickory table top. Trapped air can ruin your final finish. Pour into three buckets to ensure a lot to mix as you work. Keep drying times to avoid problems. Remove form and grind the tabletop edges again to complete your new hickory table top.

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