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November 15, 2019 Subway

Choosing Your Favorite Subway Tile Colors

The subway tile colors come in all kinds of colors and tones, so you will easily find the one that best suits your style. Are you a fan of green? Or do you prefer tones inspired by the sea? . Manufacturers such as Cerámica Ribasalbes or Cerámica Vives , have a wide catalog of colors and models. For those who love simple and neutral decoration you can always find the black and white classics. And for the most eccentric there are also mirrored and gilded metro tiles.

You can find various sizes of metro pottery; the most common is the size of 10cm x20 cm, but there are 10cm x 30cm or 7.5cm x 15cm. You also have a choice of smooth or beveled tile. Given its versatility and size, subway tile colors can be placed in different ways: regular half-piece or broken joint vertically, regular half-piece horizontally, regular half-piece at 45º; in spike at 90º, in spike at 45º.

The most common form that is usually used in bathrooms is the regular placement of a half piece vertically; although everything depends on the style and personality that you want to give your bathroom. Placing the ceramic mixing several patterns and using a color that contrasts with the subway tile colors is a good resource to make even the simplest tiles stand out.

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