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September 26, 2020 Subway

Classic Kitchen with Subway Tiles

Subway tiles use of the meter style tile, especially in the backsplash of the kitchen, very popular for a number of attractive benefits. For starters, the subway tiles are very resistant to stains, due to the ability of the ceramic to resist moisture. This is why the bright and even unglazed underground mosaic tile is very easy to clean. As a result, ceramics is a good material for sensitive hygiene areas (think of the walls of kitchens and bathrooms) due to a poor surface of the allergens resisting and smells of smoke and gases. But more importantly, these tiles are cheaper than glass tiles and stainless steel tiles, which allows for low cost kitchen remodeling.

As for aesthetics, the Subway tiles are an excellent option since the color is shot directly on your body, which ensures that the color does not fade, even when exposed to direct sunlight. Its simple but classic appearance also makes it easy to combine furniture and paint with these tiles. Their simple appearance makes them a popular choice in the kitchen that has the feel or theme of the country.

Although the subway tiles are usually white in color, design and new colors have been produced in recent years, allowing simple roof tiles for home use contemporary and modern. Even the size of the subway tile has changed from the classic tile 3×6 inches, with many kitchens now with 4×8 tiles, 4×10, 4×4 and with a different touch and texture, including Belved and matte. New trends include a special kitchen backsplash of underground glass tiles, which gives it a bright and shiny appearance.

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