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How To Clean Antique Drawer Pulls Brass

How To Clean Antique Drawer Pulls Brass – Antique brass drawer pulls can be found on many older furniture. While brass is durable, its appearance may decrease as body oils, grease and dirt collected on the draw. It is important to clean pull with products that will remove the deposits without damaging the surrounding surface of the furniture. Spray-on cleaners tend to fog over a large area, but you can mix a cleaning solution to clean pull in a controlled manner

To clean antique drawer pulls brass you will need: Salt, Vinegar, Flour, Bowl, Spoon, and cleaning cloths. The first step Mix 1/2 cup salt and 1/4 cup of vinegar in a bowl. Stir in flour until a thick paste forms Scoop up a small amount of pasta with a cleaning cloth and rub it on the antique drawer pulls brass. Cover the entire surface of brass with a thin, even layer of paste.

Let the paste sit on antique drawer pulls brass in 10 minutes. Rinse the cleaning cloth with warm water, wring out and wipe the paste off of brass. Wipe brass pulls with a clean cloth. Then the steps for clean antique drawer pulls brass has finished. You can enjoy with new look from your antique drawer pulls brass.

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