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February 25, 2020 Furniture

Closet shelving DIY Plan

Closet shelving DIY – Busy days and intensive schedules requires organization and flow, also extends into how our clothes and accessories are arranged in our wardrobes. Functional storage solutions keep things in their proper places, an important element of organized closets. When designing your closet for optimal storage and functionality, consider your needs and wishes.

Closet shelving DIY, determine how much space you need to hang your clothes. For long clothing, leaving enough space for them to hang freely. For short garments, such as shirts and folded pants, you need less hanging space. Plan several shelves for your short hanging clothes. Your shoes can go on these shelves, because they are closest to the floor. You can also place the shelves along one or both sides of your closet if not needed extra space for hanging multiple garments.

Closet shelving DIY are also working over the hanger, making use of the out of reach space. Typical closets have a shelf above the clothes rack. But many closets have ample space above the shelf, making it an ideal site for additional shelves to store out-of-season clothes, bags and valuable items that you do not need to be within reach. With boxes in the closet neatly put away socks, underwear and pajamas, eliminating the need for multiple kitchen cabinets in the living space. Look boxes in the same places that you would put on open shelves.

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