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April 22, 2020 Hickory

Colors that can Be Used with Hickory Cabinets

Hickory cabinets and their natural wood tone lend itself to a varied palette. There are countless colors that can be used with them, and different moods that can be created. Hickory finishes ranging from a near-blond hue to a deeper medium brown. The colors you choose depend primarily on your desired design outcome. Natural, wood-like tones are easy matches. Tan or cork is Mid-vale colors, giving it a warm glow. On the bright side gives ivory and cream a brighter appearance. For deep tones and a club-like feel, chocolate or saddle brown fill the bill, although you may want to limit these darker shades only to one or two walls; these dark shades to darken tenor of the room more than you want.

Colors that can be used with hickory cabinets, yellow shades are wonderful for a sunny, country kitchen look. Lemon or banana is intense yellow, lemon leaning slightly to the green edge and banana one centrist yellow. If these rich opportunities are too much, lemon sorbet less saturated yellow that has enough white to soften the crispness of cleans yellow. For a deeper yellow, try egg yolk or goldenrod, darker yellow, providing abundant color without electricity by sharper yellow tones.

Colors that can be used with hickory cabinets, red are a natural fit for hickory or other timber. Appropriate for a darker finish, the red create a luxurious atmosphere. Crimson or red wine is the darker side of the red spectrum and can match both classic and modern looks. Centrally, coral and salmon a touch of orange, if you want to pick up the color in other parts of the device. More neutral reds like rust or a reddish caramel have ample color mixed with smoother hints of neutral.

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