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December 5, 2019 Garden

Compost Bin DIY Plans

Compost Bin DIY Plans – It is easy to construct walls for a composter by stapling the wire mesh for wood frames. You can make four panels for the walls and three walls together. Secure the last wall with hinges and hook and eye locks to facilitate access to the composting material. Cover with a canvas or build a lid for the container. This will prevent composting receiving too much water during a rainstorm or drought too quickly from the sun at the top. There is no reason to make a background for this bin type unless you plan to move it.

Many people use wood pallets for compost bin DIY. They are ideal because they allow air circulation but are enclosed so that no decaying material falls. The panels are pre-built and all you have to do is tie them together. These containers do not have to be fancy, they just have compartments. Place a platform with hooks so it can be removed. This will give you better access to the compost to turn and remove.

Compost bin DIY use an old 55-gallon plastic drum and build yourself a stand. Drill holes through the drum midway between the bottom and top. Place a rod through the center so that each end of the rod can sit on the bracket. After drilling several other air holes into the barrel, you can put your garden or kitchen residue on it and be able to turn the drum to activate the manure when needed. This is the quickest and easiest way to turn your kitchen waste and yard waste into compost.

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