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January 8, 2021 Hickory

Cons Of Hickory Wood Floors

Cons Of Hickory Wood Floors – Hickory is one of the hardest and most durable types of wood flooring available. Hickory wood has the toughness, so it somehow makes it difficult to complete and install it. Variations in color and qualities also make homeowners have to shop carefully to find the right hickory floors to match their decorative style

Hickory wood floors comes from a number of species divided into “true hickory” or “hickory pecan” groups. The two types vary greatly in color, from blond to reddish brown. The grain patterns and natural markings such as knots, pockmarks or holes can also vary. Always ask to see a representative sample before purchase. “Select” and “Select and Better” rating is the most important quality in Hickory flooring. Both types have a minimum number of knots or other defects, but the colors may vary depending on the type and manufacturer.

The lowest hickory wood floors rating means the country or rustic, rating. This flooring can vary greatly in color, grain and the number and type of natural defects. While country-grade hickory might look good in a log or other rural home, it’s probably not suitable for more formal decor. While hickory is one of the hardest indigenous forests, makes this quality is difficult to cut sand and stain for do-it-yourselfers. Buy pre-cut and ready-made hickory flooring is often the best option for most homeowners. As it dries, hickory shrinks at a higher rate than other common flooring such as oak. Buy from an established manufacturer will insure the forest was dried thoroughly. Otherwise, your floors warp or twist after it has been installed.

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