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Built In Shelves Diy Books

Built in Shelves Diy: Easy to Do!

December 2, 2019 Furniture

Crazy Ideas for Bookshelves Diy

Bookshelves diy – The universe of crafts for the home is practically infinite. As you can see, in api.cat we like to give you ideas Do It Yourself so that you decorate your house for little money and with a good dose of originality.  Bookstore made with pipes Did you ever think to build something with pipes? Well here’s an idea for you to start experimenting with.

A different way to save your books that will give an industrial touch to the decoration of your home. If you do not go the industrial bookshelves diy decoration and you prefer to give a wink to the nature in your house, this is another good option. One day you go hiking in an area with forest, look for some fallen branch, dry it and paint it. Then, place it on the wall as it looks in the picture and you have your shelf to put your favorite books.

If you renovate your house, that of a friend or relative saves a door! We are not crazy, you can do many things with an old door, including a fantastic bookshelves diy. If you paint it with aging effect and you put some shelves, you already have it. You like?

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