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December 20, 2019 Subway

Cream Subway Tile: It’s Timeless!

The cream subway tile is an example of this. Its origins date back to the early twentieth century, when they began to colonize the walls of the New York suburban. Years later, its use extended to other spaces to which, not only they printed elegance and resistance, but also a unique character. Its timeless nature, resistance and easy maintenance have placed the subway tiles among the preferred options for those who bet to break with the monotony of traditional tiles.

Giving their interiors a certain vintage inspiration that fits with all kinds of environments. The bathroom and the kitchen they are, without any doubt, the main scenarios in which this type of rectangular cream subway tile are usually found, which, on the other hand, have a very characteristic perimeter beveling.

Although it’s most popular version materializes in white or black pieces enameled in matt and gloss, the evolution of the sector has allowed developing a wide range of chromatic options with which to enrich the designs with the timeless charm of the subway tiles. The cream subway tile was the original color of some subway tiles that sought to offer a resistant solution whose appearance would not be impaired by constant cleaning.

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