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February 19, 2021 Subway

Create a Cozy Space with Glass Subway Tiles

The use of glass subway tiles in the kitchen is rich in proposals and is that, not only dresses complete walls but serves to create borders, differentiate areas within the same space or, simply, protect especially sensitive areas such as the back wall of the kitchen. A variant to the classic subway tiles for the kitchen are pieces of rustic inspiration, tiles made of red paste and irregular surface ideal to create a cozy and warm atmosphere.

In this case, the most frequent formats are 10×30 (somewhat more generous than the classic subway tile) and 7.5×15 although some manufacturers present them in the classic 10×20. Along with the kitchen there is another scenario in which this type of coating is especially indicated. The glass subway tiles in the bathroom are a solution that, as in the space dedicated to culinary creations, offers a universe of possibilities.

So much so that it is possible to incorporate them in all the walls, only in the water area, at medium height or combined with other materials, creating compositions full of style. Its particular aesthetics make glass subway tiles an option to be taken into account, mainly, for industrial-inspired compositions, although, given the evolution in their designs and formats, they fit in all kinds of environments adding a touch of timeless beauty.

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