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September 3, 2020 Accessories

Creative Ideas Canvas Quotes DIY

Canvas quotes DIY – With very few materials and a little imagination you can make creative and original paintings. Take the artist you carry inside and make your own works of art to decorate the walls home or office. You can make pictures by cutting pieces of paper in circles, triangles, lines, trim and play with the shapes to obtain a multi-colored finish.

Cut the pieces with the help of the drill circularly or with the scissors. In the cardboard mark with the pencil the points where you are going to paste each circle, the rule will help you to mark them at the same distance. Glue the pieces inside the cardboard.

Another technique that you can try is to paint canvas quotes DIY with the help of the body tape (or adhesive forms in the case of the letter canvas) delimiting the areas that you do not want to cover to obtain various finishes. Mark with the painter’s tape the areas you do not want to paint, the tape helps you to shape the painting, what you cover with the tape will not be painted. Paint the rest areas with the colors you have chosen, when you finish remove the tape carefully and let dry for a couple of days. Give it the aged touch by gently sanding in some areas.

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