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Cute and Simple Cube Storage Unit

Cube storage unit – Storage cubes can be used for much more than simply laying them on top of other, and so today we bring these fantastic ideas to give a new touch to your home. if your laundry is saturated or needs updating, picks storage cubes and give them a new coat of paint. Then top with a wooden board or a table. options are limitless.

Cube storage unit is most beautiful sofa window for both children and adults. Follow placing shelves around window to have an extra storage space. A cubic shelf painted to match decor of your bedroom can become a nightstand for storing books, shoes, etc. It also serves as a place to charge your phone at night. These cubes serve as a workspace and storage all in one. It’s great for handyman who needs a work area.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to put up a wall in your studio apartment that gives you a lot of privacy and a good amount of storage space. Visit your local home improvement or discount department store and look for a simple bookcase or modular cube storage unit devices. Place unit between your bedroom and living room, paint it to match your decor, then fill it up with wine or books and enjoy instant privacy.

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