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December 13, 2019 Storage Ladders

Decorate Your House With Blanket Ladder

Decorate Your House With Blanket Ladder – Ancient objects to get back into your interior is more popular than ever. It’s not that these old-fashioned objects can only be used in a vintage interior; in other interiors are objects from the past. Think of old fashioned spotlights in an industrial interior. One your wooden blanket ladder can use very nice as decoration in different rooms. The ladder must be new; it is of course what appeals to you most.

A blanket ladder in the bathroom is an original alternative to a blanket and towel rail. Hang the blanket and towels on the steps of the stairs instead of the rack. A ladder with steps that are more in the form of boards can also be used to shampoos, toothbrushes and the like on to store.

In the living room you can anything with a blanket ladder. A blanket ladder with thin bars can be used to hang your clothes and blankets on and a ladder with wide steps can be used as in the bathroom to put on things. Think of candles, plants and magazines. In the bedroom you can use the blanket ladder as a blanket and clothes rack or just hang some nice heels on the bars. A great idea is to lights to wrap around the ladder to create a cozy atmosphere.

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