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November 12, 2020 Cabinets

Design For Build a 3 Drawer File Cabinet 

3 drawer file cabinet – Most home offices cannot survive without a filing cabinet. Although you can choose to buy a filing cabinet in an office supply store or department store, designing and building your own can be a fun and rewarding challenge if you are handy with tools. In addition, construction of a filing cabinet at home allows infinite customization and saves you money.

Design plans for the 3 drawer file cabinet. Take measures occupy cabinet space and draw plans around them. File folders come in different sizes, so measure the files used in the office to decide on the height and width of each drawer. Leave at least one inch of space above each file and a half inches of space on each side to allow easy opening and closing drawers. Cut the sides, top and bottom of the plywood box three quarters of an inch with a circular saw.

Run a bead of wood glue through the lower edge of the walls and stick to the bottom. Key instead, and then repeat with the top. Run a bead of wood glue on the edges of 3 drawer file cabinet again and then nailed in place. Allow the wood glue to dry completely. Cut the bottoms, sides, fronts and backs of the drawers of half – inch plywood with a circular saw. Check measurements in drawers – errors could cause ill – fitting drawers in the drawer guides. Mounting the drawers so that the sides and back of the drawer attached on top of drawer bottom. Install the drawer guides inside the cabinet and drawer body sides. Set the guides to the wood with wood screws. Place the racks hanging file drawers inside.

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