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May 19, 2020 Accessories

Design for Concrete Sink DIY

Concrete sink DIY – As for the kitchen and bathroom sinks are often the most eye-catching elements. Installing a concrete sink is a way to give your kitchen or bathroom a definitely industrial and edgy look. Polishing such sinks provide a more finished look, making it a shining focal point of a given room. Since the polishing of concrete is a fundamental process, there’s no reason you cannot do it yourself, especially if you are handy.

Concrete sink DIY, run a duster along the inside of the sink, and remove dust and debris. Dampen a sponge and add a point of detergent. Scrub the inside of the sink with a sponge and rinse with clean water. Place a 50-grit diamond pad at the bottom of a handheld concrete grinder and run it along the edges of the sink, slowly and methodically work your way toward the center of the sink, until you have covered the entire surface. Repeat this process with 100-grit diamond pad, a 200-grit diamond pad and a 400-grit diamond plate.

Concrete sink DIY, finish the surface by placing a 800-grit pad on the underside of the hand mill and move the machine slowly across the surface of the sink until you have covered every inch. Repeat this process with a 1500 grit pad and a 3000-grit pad. Pour concrete sealer in a pan and dip a 3-inch brush in it. Apply several layers of concrete sealer to the sink, which allows the sealer to dry between coats.

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