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September 15, 2020 Cabinets

Design of Free Standing Kitchen Pantry

Free standing kitchen pantry – Pantry accessible from the kitchen makes cooking much easier. Pantry space that is designed properly can also help you keep track of supplies needed, and doors that open to reveal large storage sections make it easier to write a shopping list. Find appropriate placement and style of the doors, as well as good hinges and hardware, help ensure that the pantry will use often. The cabinets can match the rest of the kitchen or standing out in a creative way. In some cases, the doors may look nice with glass fronts, especially if boats colorful celebration of food will show through.

Define pantry space near the refrigerator. Room available measure to allow a free standing kitchen pantry 4 or 5 feet wide by 3 feet deep, for example. Pantry figure will reach from floor to ceiling, like a small closet. Look through kitchen design books for ideas. Double doors closed sketch in the middle; plan on doors that match other kitchen furniture in most cases. Choose upper and lower doors if that suits your needs best – matching four – door that is closed with magnetic hardware.

Fronts Select free standing kitchen pantry front glass or wire for variety. Buy cabinets that allow interchangeable fronts to do this. Use glass doors if spices or home – canned vegetables are displayed. Use wire front cabinets add air and light, where cereals and condiments are stored. Plan to use glass fronts or wire to show beautiful pots or containers – containers may completely white glass or a group of yellow baskets that will be visible from the kitchen space. Plan in the paint or stain the doors. Use artistic colors that are hand-painted as a pattern red and white checkered, if you want the pantry stand out. Add bright creative designs for doors if the kitchen has a country look. Use thin gold or brown for an Italian-look kitchen.

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