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September 13, 2020 Accessories

Design of Cardboard Fireplace DIY

Cardboard fireplace DIY – Faux fireplaces are very useful when creating stage sets, decorate children’s bedrooms or simply as a Christmas decoration to hang stockings from. This simple fireplace is made of cardboard, tape, paint, and glue. Because it is so light, it can be moved around easily, and can be filled with real logs to complete the look. It is more comical than realistic, but adds a fun touch to any room it is placed in.

Cardboard fireplace DIY, cut eight cardboard boxes measuring 18-by-36 inches. Separate the carton in two groups of four bits. Tape the box along the long sides, creating two boxes that are 36 inches tall with an 18-inch square base. Cut a piece of cardboard that is 36-by-54 inches. This will form the rear wall. Hot glue the two boxes to the back wall, along the 36-inch sides.  Paint the entire fireplace with a brick-colored acrylic paint. Let the paint dry.

Cardboard fireplace DIY, use a natural sea sponge to dab the darker red and ivory color, creating a mottled, uneven surface. Let the paint dry. Paint a brick pattern with ivory color to simulate the mortar between the bricks. Spray-paint the area where the logs will go with black paint to simulate ashes from previous fires. Be careful not to spray too heavy; spray works best.

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