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January 13, 2021 Backsplash

Design Stone Tile Backsplash For Kitchen

Stone tile backsplash – Kitchen backsplash can be a focal point in a large room. You can cover it with tiles, wood, metal, or stone depending on the style of the kitchen and the look you want. One example is the kitchen Jered Snelson who renovated his kitchen with backsplash made of tiles, stone and steel. The backsplash is made in the form of a wide strip that protects the wall behind the stove and adds a beautiful focal point.

For the material, wood is rarely used in the backsplash kitchen design because of the negative impact of water on wood. However, some modern kitchens still use wood for backsplash decoration. Wood can give the kitchen a rustic feel or just add warmth to contemporary minimalist design. Stone tile backsplash is more popular because it gives its own sophistication to the kitchen and luxury especially marble. The colour can be white or grey or different stones overall. Stones can be tiles or plates if you want a smooth texture.

You can choose a creative backsplash with patterned tiles, beautiful marble, metal plates, and Stone Tile Backsplash to add a decorative accent to the kitchen wall. Problem form, usually backsplash made long from table to cabinet and on the wall where the sink and stove are located. So generally the strip is horizontal but can be verical too.

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