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May 19, 2021 Designs

Designing With Orchard Ladder

Orchard Ladder – An orchard ladder is a very specialized ladder designed for garden work including pruning, tree formation, and fruit picking. This type of ladder is not for use as a whole ladder purpose, and, like other ladders, it needs to be properly maintained for safety. Garden shops and nurseries often carry ladders on the plantations or may be ordered by request, and several different style is available.

Wood, metal or plastics can be use to make an orchard ladder. While wood is traditional, plastics are sometimes preferred for durability and strength. In all cases, the steps of the ladder are textured to reduce slippage. Most stairs are designed in a way that allows for new texture as the ladder wears out with the use. Several concerns have to be addressed with the design of an orchard ladder. The first is concern about damage to trees.

The ladder has a narrowing design to tackle this, minimizing the area occupied by the orchard ladder at the top to reduce the risk of damage. The second reason for concern is that the soil in orchards tends to be uneven. This instability makes a classic four-legged ladder with struts that lock in a dangerous place. The garden ladder is designed to be hand-laid for maximum safety, allowing people to precisely position the ladder to avoid Gopher holes and other hazards.

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