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February 5, 2021 Pine

Disadvantage Heart Pine Flooring

Heart pine flooring makes a rustic addition to any home. While this floor is attractive, there are some disadvantages associated with its use. Scratches, mold and wood rot are some problems with this type of flooring. Addressing problems in your heart pine flooring before they become serious is the key to keeping your floors beautiful and injury free.

The heart pine flooring is made in the middle of the hardwood pine trees. This type of floor is desirable because it is dense, hard, and has a characteristic dark shade of color. The heart of pine flooring requires some care because it can get scratched over time or become damaged if moisture problems occur in the home.

The heart pine flooring is scratch resistant; it can be damaged over time. Deep scratches need to be filled in with putty and sanded to avoid further damage to your floor. If you have uncontrolled moisture in your home as water leaks or water seeping into your home in hidden areas, your heart of pine floors could begin to rot. Wood rot spots the floor and the floor begins to fall apart. Uncontrolled moisture can cause mold to grow on your floor, which is ugly and must be removed.

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