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January 11, 2021 Ideas

Diy Kitchen Cabinets for Painting

Diy kitchen cabinets – Painting kitchen cabinets demonstrates a simple and cost effective way to tired kitchen cabinets a fresh look. Cabinets made before 1980 are generally more solidly built and durable than their contemporary counterparts, which makes it economical option paint. Robust cabinets, well made take on new life with a couple layers of paint and can change the entire look of your kitchen.

Before applying a drop of paint, be sure to prepare your diy kitchen cabinets for painting. Ensure adequate preparation work even finish last. To begin, remove all doors and hardware. Uses a degreaser to remove any buildup that may discourage paint adhere. Be sure to degrease the doors and the sides and interiors that need paint all surfaces for a unified and professional look.

Prepared paint diy kitchen cabinets with a double coat of paint bright white semigloss finish. Be sure to prime cabinets first to ensure a uniform paint distribution. The primer also extends the life of your paint job. Cabinets painted white test a versatile option as coordinates of simplicity with numerous styles and designs. Add hardware in appropriate styles to suit your space: nickel brushed clean lines for a modern kitchen or brass strip decorated for a traditional rural space.

For a modern kitchen, finishes high gloss paint in primary colors add functionality and flare. High gloss paint applied to wood or metal takes on a glassy finish, an attractive complement for stainless steel. To highlight the brightness of your cabinets, apply a final coat of clear acrylic high gloss varnish. The cabinets have depth without looking too heavy.

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