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June 8, 2020 Hardware

Dresser Handles and Pulls for Kids

Built-in cabinets are neat and save land. Options to eliminate knob or dresser handles to make the display cabinets built-in more neat and beautiful. So, how to open and close the closet door without a handle?

For the lovers of unique furniture and tidy, the option of not utilizing dresser handles is indeed worth a try. This creative idea has been widely applied in modern houses are often raised impression neat and clean. To solve the problem open the closed door built-in cabinets, interior designers have presented several solutions that can be applied. One way is to apply the system push-open door. By implementing this system, the closet door can be opened with pressed.

In addition, dresser handles can also be opened and closed easily by making little notches on the top or bottom of the closet door. The idea of a closet door pull can also be applied to help solve the problem unscrew the built-in cabinets without handle this. If a row of built-in cupboard is closed it will look neat like a wall without the plastered wall. As soon as the closet door opened, the new arrangement will be found shelves storage area shows that the furniture looked like the wall is actually a built-in wardrobe without handle.

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