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March 11, 2020 Accessories

Easy And Cheap DIY Shelves

Easy And Cheap DIY Shelves – The shelves are an important part of being organized; they help to keep the debris from the ground, exploiting the walls so you do not take up valuable floor space. While commercially made shelves can be quite expensive, a DIY shelf project is easily done for less than half of what most shelves usually cost.

And if you take the time to do it right, your cheap DIY shelves will look exactly as they are professionally made. Measure down from the ceiling to the height you want your shelf to be. Make two marks on the wall at this height, which indicates the distance you want your shelf brackets to be horizontally apart. Place the level on the wall between the two points to make sure they are level with each other. Adjust them as necessary until there is a level horizontal line between the two points. Place your shelf bracket on the first point. Screw the shelf bracket to the wall, drill and screws. A screwdriver can replace a drill, even if it takes longer to screw the bracket in place.

Place the level on the shelf bracket and then place the second shelf bracket in place to ensure that it is level with the first. Drill and screw in the wall as you did with the first bracket. Cut your plywood shelf piece so it is about 1 inch wider than the forward end of the shelf bracket, and about 5 inches long on each side. Sand the shelf and then color or paint it as desired. Rooms finished on top of the shelf brackets as paint or varnish is dry. If you place several shelves on the wall, measure the height of subsequent shelves from the end of the original shelf brackets. That way you have an evenly spaced set of cheap DIY shelves on the wall.

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