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October 27, 2020 Tools

Easy and Fast Blanket Ladder DIY Project

Blanket ladder DIY project took less than 30 minutes plus some drying time. This is very simple. Here is what you need to make 5FT. Height and width of 18 inches blankets the stairs. This is another contains affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure.

You need some supplies for blanket ladder DIY. What you need are 16 feet of wood. You can use (1 3/8 × 1 3/8) 8 feet fur strips are $ 2.07 each, eight 2-inch wood screws, and stain. For optional choice is felt pads placed on the top of the stairs, where he leaned on the wall so as not to mark on your walls mode.

First step for blanket ladder DIY is to cut a piece of wood from 5 feet each of your feet 8 pieces, so that two of the five-piece have legs. Cut four 18-inch of wood cut from wood points. (It must be quite appropriate.) Put them on the ground to make peace.  Then, you have to attach each rod with screws. The last step is stain on the color of your choice and let it dry and air out completely (so as not to foul smell up your home or your blanket.) We hope you get useful information from this idea.

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